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Certified Yoga Teachers
Registered Yoga Teachers

​Certified Yoga Teachers

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Teaching is not a profession; it’s a way of life. And when Yoga is being taught, it comes out of unadulterated compassion and will to serve others! AVIYOG GROUP gives you the opportunity to become an excellent teacher & serve others right under the guidance of Yoga experts.

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You can get certified to teach yoga on a global scale by completing the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hour Advanced Course & 500 Hour Diploma in Yoga Therapy program offered by the AVIYOG. It covers all the essential aspects of yoga anatomy and philosophy and gets you ready to create your own studio and work as a Yoga Teacher

Yog means union i.e Oneness
Viyog means Separate
Aviyog means  "a = opposite" & "viyog = Separate" so opposite of separate is again Yog i.e  Oneness


Born Child (Yogi) Yog i.e Oneness (No differentiation) 


Growing Child (Viyogi) Viyog i.e Separate (differentiation e.g Right & Wrong, This or That etc)


 Adult(Bhogi) Needs to do Yoga i.e Aviyog  i.e Oneness so no problems. Problems arises only when more than one, think....


Sita :I have back pain, Can you help me in this ?

Ram :Yes, When you get pain in forward bending or backward bending ?

Sita :Backward bending

Ram :Oh . . means you moved more in backward than you usually able.

Then simply avoid backward bending for care & Start balancing by moving forward to avoid pain.

"If body resist to balance then first relief it by moving body parts other than back (Spine) e.g. Hand rotation, Legs movement etc."

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