1 Day Free Yoga Teacher Training Course / Full Post Paid Training (click here)


This Yoga Teacher Training Course is for 1 Day i.e 3 hour Session held at 1st Sunday of every Month at 9am to 12pm.

The purpose of this session is to spread awareness of real Yoga.

This session is for whom,

  • Likes to know about Yoga and be a Teacher for Self.
  • Likes to know about Yoga and try to become Yoga Teacher.
  • Likes to become permanent Yogi rather than temporary (i.e on Yoga Mat).
  • Likes to know about Self/God.
  • Likes to know about ultimate or absolute goal of life.
    • Likes to be free from all Confusions and Successful in any.
    • Students to Know, How to live Life?

    Note: No need of any knowledge to attend the session.



    If you are interested in attending a free Yoga Teacher Training Course, kindly fill up the form given below.

    ( Only starting 15 member confirmed (will call you before session) are allowed for upcoming session and rest will confirmed in next month.  i.e no commitment)

    Please note:

    For enquiries on Yoga Teacher Training Course or Yoga Job or Both you may SMS us (or drop a message on WhatsApp) at+919029966660 or email us at info@aviyoggroup.in